Web-based Trainings

Web-based trainings are revolutionizing work life and management. As businesses become increasingly complex, many rules need to be trained internationally in ever-faster update cycles. Updating knowledge is becoming more and more crucial, and continuing to hold international classroom training is inefficient. The solution is web-based training, which is efficient, controllable, and can be enjoyable, if properly done. That´s why we don't just provide online design and programming services; we also create content that inspires employees to learn complex topics.

Internal training and onboarding

We help various clients in the automotive industry to train their employees in complex topics such as internal investigations or incident management. The trainings are always story-based,
entertaining, self-explanatory and effective in conveying content.


Some topics are too complex for just one training. For the topic of information security, for example, we have therefore designed a small academy with several levels and implemented it worldwide.

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