Content Strategy

Sustainability Reporting, Social Media, internal campaigns – modern communication needs a smart content strategy and people, who know how to execute it. Tobias Schönpflug, journalist and founder of Content Refinery, was creative director of the first department in Germany called "Content Marketing". Since that time, he has tested and refined content strategies and their execution in the field. But we are not only good in theory, we can produce successfull animations, copytext, pictures and infographic inhouse.


Sustainability has become an important factor for investors, employees, and regional policy. That’s why the energy service provider and contractor GETEC set its own sustainability strategy and is publishing sustainability report according to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards since 2021. We created the content and design of the sustainabilty report in two subsequent years till now. We shot in serveral European cities, created visualizations of CO2 forecasts, and conducted interviews, all while satisfying countless GRI standards. It was worth the effort: The sustainability report was a new foundation for the brand communication for GETEC, Magdeburg’s hidden champion in the energy sector.

Photoshootings in four different countries.

GRI-Reporting meets Content Marketing. We made complicated things easy to understand with infographics.

The report was produced in a printed and a digital version.


In addition to presentations, we were also able to assist the automation company Lenze with content and design for their financial report.


For the communications giant telefónica, we created various video animations for their social media channels that make the complex world of technology understandable.