Explanatory Communication

Make them understand – this is our purpose. The first step is to truly understand our client's content and develop a storyline that works. Then, we refine the content for every digital platform, from PowerPoint to 3D animation, from projectors to web-based training, from the impressive to the complex. We ensure that our client's business is represented at its best and leaves a lasting impression.


Holman (formerly ARI Fleet) is a car fleet management and leasing specialist that covers topics such as electromobility, leasing, telematics, and digitization. You get the message:
Fleet management is a complex business, which means that there is a lot of explaining to do.
Our job as a lead agency is to simplify these concepts. We create and execute presentations, whitepapers, explanatory videos, social media posts, infographics, and traditional advertising to help communicate these complex topics to our audience.

We created a animation series explaining the complex world of leasing variants.

This is an infographic about the complexity of fleet management. We've created an explanatory landscape that provides both a big picture overview and deep dives into specific areas.

Schwind Eye-tech

Schwind Eye-tech specializes in high-tech lasers for eye correction. We understand that no one undergoes such a procedure without being well-informed. That's why we explain the excellent technology of the devices to both doctors and patients.

Discover New Ways to Work

We collaborate with New Work experts to assist companies in enabling their employees to thrive in the evolving work environment, commonly referred to as the 'New Normal.' We offer inspiration and practical tips to help employees adjust to this new way of working.


E.ON and its partners launched SmartQuart, an energy laboratory of the future. We collaborated with the digital event agency raumHOCH to design a brand, an explanation system, and content for innovative city quarters. SmartQuart was unveiled to the public at a fully digital brand event.